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Plot / Description
In the Kanto region of Japan, seven high schools take place in a turf war for territorial supremacy: Nanyo Academy, Kyosho Academy, Seito Academy, Yoshu Academy, Rakuyo High School, Gogun High School, and Yoshu Private School. The fighters of each school bear the sacred jewels called magatama, which contains the essence of warriors from the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China 1800 years ago, as well as their fates.

Hakufu Sonsaku, the descendant of legendary conqueror Sun Ce, is a highly skilled fighter with a strong sense of personality who goes to Nanyo Academy where her cousin Koukin Shuuyu attends under her mother's request. Her destiny, as with her predecessor, was to conquer all of the schools. But there is a darker and more dangerous side to her fate, one that may change the entire course of history forever. -wikipedia
Available Galleries

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Vintage: 2010
Type: TV Series, 12 Episodes
Studio: TNK
Images: 53

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Vintage: 2010
Type: BD/DVD Specials, 6 Episodes
Studio: TNK
Images: 13

Ikkitousen: Shuugaku Toushi Keppuu-roku
Vintage: 2011
Type: OVA Episode
Studio: Arms
Images: 51

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